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"Do you speak French? I used to, but I lost all of it "

How many times have I heard this sentence? Over a thousand times I'll say!

"I French" is a platform conceived to help people who want to improve their French. It specialises in both kids and adults learning.

"I French" is dedicate for your need either you want to learn online in person, at home or at the library. All our Tutors are native French speakers and are therefore fluent in French.

We provide French lessons to kids and adults. Contact us for a free quote by email at or here

Due to this actual situation, we offer now every online lessons at 35$/hour.
For the kids, we will follow the curriculum and we can do 50$/2 hours.
If you are interested, let us know.
Pour les parents francophones, nous offrons aussi du soutien en ligne pour suivre le curriculum.

Need a tutor ?

If you want to have a french tutor but don’t have time to find a good one, we can help. We provide private french lesson to:
-> busy kids
-> students
-> professional who wants to improve their french
I have a professional background in higher education and over ten years of french tutoring.
The typical goal is to have fun, as well as learning french, all while maximizing efficiency so we meet your goals.
Registration: 50$ and we will provide a tutor.


Vous parlez français couramment? Vous aimeriez donner des cours en fonction de vos disponibilités?

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